26 February 2013
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5 reasons you need a new website

One of the more important tools a company can have is their website. It’s this online presence that is often the first point of interaction between you and your customers, potential or otherwise. Many businesses have grasped this idea and already have websites. However, as with all technology, they age with time and will need to be eventually upgraded.

Here are five indicators that you need to get a new website.

Your web page is too static

Early sites were basically created to be online brochures. Visitors looked at information but could do very little else. This kind of website is referred to as static, because it’s not really meant to be changed. As such, alterations or additions can be time consuming and hard.
While old sites relied almost exclusively on HTML, (the basic coding language for many websites on the Internet), new sites use what’s called a Web Content Management System (Web CMS). This is an application that allows users to create, manage, store and deploy content onto web pages. It allows you to put stuff like videos, podcasts, apps, etc. onto your website while simultaneously creating a more interactive experience for visitors.
You don’t have to upgrade to a system that uses CMS, especially if you just want a website to function as a brochure. But, there have been advances in HTML based languages that make it easier to work with, making upgrading a good idea.

Mobile devices don’t like your site

Think about the last time you looked at a non-mobile-configured website on your phone. You could hardly see the letters, and had to zoom in, which likely made entering any search queries, or clicking on links, nearly impossible. How long did you stay on that website? It was probably less than a minute. If this was a customer looking at your website, you’ve just lost a potential sale.
Smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming a major way for people to surf the Internet. Some experts put the amount of mobile owners who surf the Internet on their device at over 12% of total traffic, and growing. The problem for mobile users is that they have smaller screens, and websites built for larger desktop screens are unreadable on mobile devices.
While you don’t have to create a full-on mobile site, a new site that can be scaled down, based on the viewer’s screen size, will prove to be highly beneficial in the future.

Your site isn’t performing as well as it used to

Like every other form of technology, as your website ages, it gets slower and less responsive. Many sites use old plugins and code in the back-end, (what your viewers don’t see), that add to the load time. In a world where everyone wants everything right now, having to wait for a site to load drives visitors away.

Your business is changing

Chances are high that the business you had when you first launched your website has changed in the interim. Change is a good thing, and if you’ve decided to take your business in a different direction a new website could be the solid platform to help launch and drive your brand and business.

Your website is ‘old’

If your website looks a bit like this, (usa.gov from June 2004), then it’s probably time to update. The web changes quickly, and a website that looked great in 2006 probably looks a bit old fashioned and dated today. While this won’t necessarily drive visitors away, it does paint a slightly negative picture.
If you think it’s time for a new website, we highly recommend that you don’t attempt to do this yourself, (unless of course, you are a pro web designer). There are so many great companies out there that can create a professional website you can be proud of, and at a cost you can afford. Why not contact us today for a website makeover.

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